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Haskins Inc. appreciates the knowledge, loyalty and overall contribution of long term team-members that have been with our company thru thick and thin. We pride ourselves on the work that our foremen, operators, pipelayers and laborers are capable of delivering. Our TEAM has played an irreplaceable roll on building up Haskins Inc.'s reputation of quality, reliability and trustworthiness.

Haskins Inc. has made some valuable contributions to their team while expanding their operations into new trades of the construction industry. We are honored to count on the knowledge, reliability and intelligence of each of our team-members, specially the ones that have kept us company throughout the years and the ones planning on making Haskins Inc. "HOME".

Our goal is to maintain a profitable business whose main objective is the satisfaction of its customers, employees and community.



Headquater office

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10956 Enterprise Ave.
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Tel. 239-947-1846 | Fax. 239-947-3857

Job Seeker

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Haskins, Inc. is always looking for candidates with a combination of skills and knowledge needed to meet and accomplish our daily goals.

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Haskins, Inc provides unquestionable level of quality and unique innovative solutions.